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A1 Marble & Stone Cleaning

Experience Shows!

A1 will clean, polish and restore your marble and natural stone surfaces to their natural beauty, using a variety of safe, pH-appropriate cleaners, sealers and polishing agents. Whether the customer is seeking a cleaning, repair of a chip, scratch or crack, or polishing, you're in good hands with A1 SteamCleaning! Once your marble or stone is restored, our technicians will guide you to the appropriate maintenance of your stone surfaces between professional cleanings.

Every Day Maintenance at Home

Immediately wipe up spills and messes. Use pH-balanced cleaners and soapless detergents for daily cleaning. Mild dishwashing liquid sometimes works quite well on stone surfaces.

It is very important to rinse the tile and grout thoroughly to remove any remaining cleaner. 

Agitate grout joints with a soft bristled brush to loosen debris. Thoroughly rinse, dry, and polish cleaned areas.

Acidic cleaners will etch and remove the surface polish from alkaline stones like marble, travertine, and sandstone.

Acidic cleaners will eventually erode the grout in the joints, making cleaning and maintenance more and more problematic. This is especially true if using acid cleaners on sanded grout installations. This is due to the tendency of acid cleaners to eat away at the smaller aggregates first leaving the larger stain attracting aggregates behind.

Colored grout pigment can be permanently damaged by using acidic cleaners. This is especially true if used on a daily basis.

Professional Maintenance

Beyond routine home maintenance, your marble and stone appointments need professional attention on a regular basis. Many people think that because it is stone, it is impossible to damage. Nothing could be further from the truth! Stone has many potential weaknesses, but once it has been properly protected and maintained, its beauty is unparalleled!