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Emergency A1 Water Damage Service

Restoring your home after water damage is a frustrating experience!  Whether caused by natural disasters or plumbing leaks and overflows, water damage must be dealt with as soon as it is discovered.  Moisture is the fastest moving, silent destructive force known and it will destroy furniture, equipment, building interiors or even structures in extreme cases.  Molds and mildew begin to grow and thrive very quickly following water damage and will only make matters much worse if appropriate steps are not taken immediately.

Although dealing with water damage may seem fairly straightforward – mop or wet vacuum, then use fans to promote evaporation – these steps are not enough to ensure peace of mind.  Following any water disaster, it is crucial to have an inspection to determine to what degree the water penetrated into carpets, padding, your structure and your belongings.  If water is trapped in areas, creating trapped pockets of saturation, ultimate damage may include discoloration, warping, splitting, delamination, musty odor and mold growth.

Most consumers are not familiar with the steps necessary to properly restore a home from water damage.  A1’s professional technicians will develop a plan to efficiently remove excess water, promote efficient evaporation, and to establish dehumidifying conditions that will stop any ongoing damage.  Our technicians will monitor the return of your home and property to normal conditions to make certain future problems will not be experienced.

If your home incurs water damage, these initial steps are recommended:

  • Turn off the water source, if at all possible;
  • Mop and blot up as much water as possible, while remaining safe;
  • Stay away from contaminated water and electrical hazards;
  • If safe to do so, turn off circuit breakers supplying power to the wet areas;
  • Unplug and remove small appliances from the wet areas;
  • Move furniture or raise it on blocks to prevent carpet staining and moisture absorption;
  • Remove wet cushions and let them air out;
  • Remove area rugs from the top of wet carpet;
  • Remove magazines, newspapers or other printed material from the wet carpet;
  • Turn on fans and air conditioning to foster the circulation of dry air.
  • Call A1 24 hours a day to begin A1 Water Damage restoration steps.

When A1 arrives at your home, your carpet will be taken up from the tack strip and rolled back to expose all areas affected by water.  It is likely that your padding will need to be removed and replaced.  A1 will remove the saturated padding, apply mildewcide to both sides of the carpet and other wet areas.  Powerful fans will be placed to promote dry air flow throughout the flooded area. 

When the flood-damaged area has completely dried (which may take several days) A1 will return to replace your damaged padding, restretch and tack down your carpet, then steam clean the carpet completely. 

Soon enough, your flood damage will simply be a bad memory and you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home has been appropriately treated, all prudent steps have been taken to halt the growth of harmful organisms, and your carpet is properly installed once again.